Monday, June 17, 2019

The Primary Goal of the Military Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Primary Goal of the Military - Essay ExampleThis has been necessitated by the tendency of terror organizations and individuals with woozy intent to sabotage security systems internally. As such, it has become crucial for the military to authenticate the identity of every individual graveling its premises and systems (National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee on Biometrics, 2006). Whereas this has been happening through security tools such as access cards, passwords, and tokens, these systems have proven to be ineffective as they can be forgotten, duplicated, shared, or stolen (Weicheng Shen, 1999). at that place is, therefore, need for a system that cannot be easily compromised. The use of human features, biometrics comes in handy in the identification of individuals while keeping their cover intact. These features may be physical or biological and may include characteristics such as skin color, height, eye color and weight. These features are unique to individuals and right away available hence, making them ideal for the development of dependable authentication systems. If used together with traditional systems, such as password protection and fingerprint technology, the gist is a security system that is complex, and yet very efficient and hard to manipulate. Role Based Access check over DoD could develop access sustain systems based on the roles individuals play. This envision algorithm allows users access to premises and equipment that are relevant to their activities in the military. The system, therefore, limits the accessibility of information and critical equipment to people who are let to interact with them (Ferraiolo, Kuhn, & Chandramouli, 2007). DoD could decide to develop a system, costs notwithstanding. A lot of resources would be deployed in the project, as long as it guarantees that the role-based access visualize will be possible. Since it would be hard to develop systems that cater for individual staff, DoD can come up with an authentication system based on the roles people play. Staff can be categorized into groups, depending on their ranks and responsibilities in the military and offered access rights relative to their statuses (Murrell, 2001). This would provide officers within the same ranks similar access rights while still providing exceptions for exceptional cases. Enterprise RBAC (ERBAC) DoD spends public funds as it endeavors to provide security to the county. Just like any other public institution, it is necessary for the department to account for its expenses. It is, therefore, necessary for DoD to make sure all its activities make business sense. Enterprise Role Based Access Control seeks to ensure that as DoD invests in role-based access control measures, the results of using the system are not only financially measurable but overly provide an acceptable return on investment. Depending on the severity of the case at hand, DoD is at liberty to choose the role-based access control met hodological analysis it wants to deploy. Insensitive matters of national or international security, DoD could develop authentication systems without considering costs and returns on investment (Ballad, Ballad, & Banks, 2010). However, this ought to be done with caution as it is important for DoD to appear to use public resources appropriately and in the best interest of the citizens of the United Kingdom. Alternative solutions i. Discretionary Access Control This access control mechanism restricts access based on subject identity.

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